Institutionalising the seed sub-sector

  • Established 250 active local seed business groups across 63 districts in the country with a total of 4,220 seed entrepreneurs (53% of them being female). This was in the North, South Western Highlands, West Nile, South West, East and Western Highlands regions of Uganda.
  • Supported MAAIF in decentralising seed field inspection to district local governments (DLGs) and training 233 district agricultural officers (DAOs) and sub-county agricultural officers (AOs) in Quality Declared Seed (QDS) field inspections.
  • Facilitated MAAIF to launch use of the blue and green tamperproof labels for certified seed and Quality Declared Seed respectively.
  • Supported NARO in transforming basic seed production systems into stronger business-oriented and market-oriented systems for sustainability through setting up the;

    i) National basic seed enterprise model implemented
    by Seed for Seeds (S4S) (U) LTD;

    ii) ZARDI-led basic seed business model; and

    iii) LSB-led basic seed business model

LSB farmers in Kigezi zone tending to their seed potato field
District Agricultural Officer monitoring progress of a soybean QDS field in Rwenzori zone
QDS tamperproof label
Basic seed processing plant for S4S (U) Ltd

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