Open Days: A Mobilisation Strategy for Farmer-To-Farmer Trainings.

Following the completion of the Participatory Integrated Planning (PIP) approach trainings with PIP Innovators, an open day was organised to introduce them to the community members.

PIP aims at building collaboration between farmers, and communities and aims at fostering resilience-based stewardship through an interrelated set of activities. It is a bottom-up approach which deliberately moves away from traditional top-down interventions approaches. In the PIP-approach, households jointly develop a vision and plans for the future of their farm.

The primary objective of this open day was to educate the communities about the advantages of the PIP approach, gather support for future initiatives, and engage in the inaugural PIP competition.

Open Day also served as a platform for PIP innovators to exhibit their household PIPs, inspiring community members to partake in PIP training and develop their own PIPs.

The event featured a brass band performance, speeches from community and sub-county leaders, and representatives from the Common Ground Project.

During the presentation, the Community Vision Committee (CVC) showcased community PIPs, outlining the current situation, future aspirations, and action plans.

PIP innovators displayed their household PIPs, emphasising enhancements in soil fertility management and integrated plot plans.

Engaging drama skits illustrated the PIP approach and its transformative impact on mindsets. Additionally, PIs composed songs in local languages, and exhibitions of PIP innovators' farms and kitchen gardens were on display.

To promote tree planting and resilience, tree seedlings were planted in designated areas. Participants had the opportunity to visit PIs' plots, witnessing the successful implementation of sustainable land use management (SLUM) practices like trench construction and kitchen gardens.

Prior to the open days, PIP innovators were encouraged to share their knowledge and advocate for the PIP approach through music, dance, and drama. The CommonGround project and PIP approach garnered significant community awareness, leading to the selection of farmers for training by some PIP innovators.

The project's target communities successfully hosted open-day events at churches, schools, and open grounds, fostering awareness and collaboration.

The community's understanding of the CommonGround project and PIP approach increased, with PIP innovators already identifying farmers for training in the upcoming PIP competition.


More Developments

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