Uptake of Quality Seed for Field Crops

The Uptake Component of the Integrated Seed Sector Development (ISSD) Plus Project aims at increasing quality seed use by farmers in Uganda.

Quality seed use by farmers in Uganda is low and is mainly caused by:

  • Lack of awareness on availability of quality seed;
  • Real or perceived lack of quality seed available at convenient locations;
  • Lack of cash to purchase seed and;
  • Lack of knowledge on the economic benefits of investing in quality seed.

The ISSD project through the Uptake component addresses these constraints through:

  • Increasing awareness on quality seed and its benefits;
  • Increasing access to quality seed in diversified locations; and
  • Increasing effective demand for seed by smallholder farm

Interventions to increase awareness on quality seed are conducted through an experiential marketing promotion campaign using road shows, media (electronic and print), sub-county Agricultural Extension Officers and promotional materials on quality seed.

During road shows, farmers are sensitized on quality seed through edutainment, information sharing, competitive game draws to mention but a few. The entertainment involves music and dancing to attract people to the show. The education component involves sensitization through skits, drama, quizzes, testimonies on quality seed use and speeches by Local Seed Business leaders who are often opinion leaders in the community, extension officers and ISSD staff on quality seed.

The electronic media campaign is done on selected community-based radio stations countrywide (in accordance to the UAMPS statistics of performance of media – listenership and frequency reach). On the other hand, print media is done through national dailies/newspapers such as Daily Monitor and New Vision to publish information on quality seed use. Sub-county Extension Officers at District level are trained to sensitize farmers in the communities during their regular extension service provision to farmers. The above-mentioned awareness creation activities are expected to change farmers’ perceptions/attitude and behavior towards the use of quality seed.

Outputs accomplished

Number of seasonal seed fairs conducted to take quality seed closer to farmers

Number of weekly village markets conducted to take Quality Declared Seed closer to farmers

Number of road shows conducted to create awareness on the benefits of using quality seed

Number of compound dialogues conducted to create awareness on the value of using quality seed (post Covid-19 pandemic

Conducted organoleptic taste events to exhibit the taste, color, odor, and cooking properties of various crop varieties

11 Million
Number of rural people reached through the mass media campaign on quality seed use