Local Seed Business (LSB) Out-scaling Process

ISSD Uganda plans to increase the number of LSBs from the current 30 to 100, through an out-scaling strategy involving partnerships with other organizations. The rationale of the LSB out-scaling programme is to sustainably increase the geographic outreach, engage in more crops and varieties, as well as involve different type of farmer groups.

In February 2015, ISSD Uganda sent out application forms and held sensitization meetings with potential out scaling partner organizations with a target of engaging at least Six (6) partners in the first phase. It is assumed that each partner will start up with 5 LSBs, aiming to establish 30 LSBs in the first phase.

ISSD was overwhelmed by the number of organization interested in the LSB out scaling programme. Although Thirty one (31) organizations qualified for the LSB out scaling programme, only ten (10) organizations were selected for phase one commitments. The potential partners were classified according to types in terms of civil society organizations, seed companies, community based organizations, Non-government organizations and public sector. Potential partners were scored against the selection criteria and a diverse selection was made across the different organizations.

A comprehensive Local Seed Business (LSB) training was conducted for the selected 10 partner organizations on March 09-13, 2015 in Lira. Each of the organizations was represented by an agribusiness expert and agronomist. At the end of the training the participants presented their draft work plans.

The final work plans and budgets have been submitted. Currently, due diligence and the contracting process have been initiated. Implementation of activities will start in May 2015 with the preliminary ground breaking activities in preparation for season 2015B.

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