Local Seed Businesses

1. Agiermach Ogiebu

Location: Warr, Zombo
Seed Crops: Beans, Potato
Contacts: Anna, 0771-884328, 0777-197286

2. Aliamu Cupria Timbakwa Seed Development Association

Location: Drajini, Yumbe
Seed Crops: Cassava, Rice and Simsim
Contacts: Stephen Apangu, 0752-515783, 0782-980348

3. Amadrima Farmers

Location: Metu, Moyo
Seed Crops: Cassava, Beans and Simsim
Contacts: Beatrice Akuku, 0758-073779, 0750021320

4. Andevuka Mixed Farmers/ Pitipiti Women

Location: ofua, Adjumani
Seed Crops: Cassava, Beans and Rice
Contacts: Adam Odembsea, 0772-994755

5. Binagoro Women Groups

Location: Midigo, Yumbe
Seed Crops: Cassava, Beans and Groundnuts
Contacts: Swadik, 0750-536652

6. Kololo Area savings initiative

Location: Tara, Maracha
Seed Crops: Cassava and Beans
Contacts: Shara, 0759-320113, 0772-199085

7. Kuluba sub-county farmers association

Location: kuluba, Koboko
Seed Crops: Beans, Groundnuts and Cassava
Contacts: Basil, 078-2044342, 0793-426662

8. Vurra Area Cooperative enterprise

Location: Vurra, Arua
Seed Crops: Beans, Sorghum and Groundnuts
Contacts: Collins Andama, 0774-133942, 0750-338023

9. Farming and Animal Rearing Association (FARSON)

Location: Wadelai, Nebbi
Seed Crops: Rice, Simsim
Contacts: Beatrice, 0773-781645, 0789-765998

10. Watembo group association

Location: Wadelai, Nebbi
Seed Crops: Simsim, Finger millet
Contacts: Amin Odiya, 0784-173209, 0783-332528

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