Local Seed Businesses

Developing Local Seed Businesses

The ISSD Plus Uganda programme is currently working with a total of 256 active Local Seed Businesses (LSBs) to produce quality seed of locally adapted crops and varieties for local markets.

The purpose is to develop them into commercially sustainable Local Seed Businesses. At the end of the programme, these LSBs will be well organized and technically equipped for quality seed production. They will have improved access to key seed sector strategic stakeholders such as research (for new varieties and technology), extension (for seed advisory services), markets (to sell their seed), quality assurance (to guarantee seed quality), finance and credit (to support their local business operations).

A Local Seed Business member of Akanabala in Kamuli sells seed at
a village market

They are commercially oriented with a dynamic marketing plan, financial system, saving, cash flow and demand projections. LSBs are located in five (5) geographical areas where ISSD plus is currently working thus West Nile, Northern, Eastern, Rwenzori and South Western regions in Uganda.

In addition, the LSBs are supported closely by selected Out-scaling partners, Zonal Agricultural Research and Development Institutes (ZARDIs) under National Agricultural Research Organisation (NARO), District Local Governments (DLGs) and the Ministry of Agriculture Animal Industry and Fisheries (MAAIF) among others to ensure that quality seed is produced and marketed within their communities following the Quality Declared Seed (QDS) Regulations (2020).

NARO Bean 1 variety Quality Declared Seed packaged and ready for sale

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