Institutionalising the seed sub-sector

Established 250 active local seed business groups across 63 districts in the country with a total of 4,220 seed entrepreneurs (53% of them being female). This was in the North, South Western Highlands, West Nile, South West, East and Western Highlands regions of Uganda

LSB farmers in Kigezi zone tending to their seed potato field

District Agricultural Officer monitoring progress of a soybean QDS field in Rwenzori zone
Supported MAAIF in decentralising seed field inspection to district local governments (DLGs) and training 233 district agricultural officers (DAOs) and sub-county agricultural officers (AOs) in Quality Declared Seed (QDS) field inspections
Facilitated MAAIF to launch use of the blue and green tamperproof labels for certified seed and Quality Declared Seed respectively

QDS tamperproof label

Basic seed processing plant for S4S (U) Ltd
Supported NARO in transforming basic seed production systems into stronger business-oriented and market-oriented systems for sustainability through setting up the;

  1. National basic seed enterprise model implemented by Seed for Seeds (S4S) (U) LTD;
  2. ZARDI-led basic seed business model; and
  3. LSB-led basic seed business model